Thinking Adventure? Think Belize!

Time to break out of the tried-and-trying, all-inclusive, gated resort holiday in Cuba, Jamaica, Mexico or the Dominican?  Time to spice up your travel life?

Maybe it’s time to take a long look at Belize, still the most overlooked country in Central America even though as a former British colony it is the only country whose official language is English.

Maybe it’s time to take matters into your own hands, do your own research, make your own reservations, draw up your own itinerary, take some chances in a real-life travel adventure.

This blog is intended for the traveler more than for the tourist, a distinction I explore from time to time. Of course, travelers can tour and tourists can travel, but the traveler is more inclined to seek adventure and the tourist more inclined to seek comfort.

My blog has its roots in my travelogue called Thinking Adventure? Think Belize! which I first published in print  in 2004 after 4 visits to Belize.

Since then, we have changed our own travel habits significantly. In our first visits, we traveled Belize from town to town exclusively by bus for 10 days, than 2 weeks, than 3 weeks , visiting  3,4 and even 5 different places, constantly arriving and departing, packing and unpacking. It was fun and gave us a good sense of the country. As our comfort level in Belize rose, we stretched out our visits to 4 weeks, 5 weeks, 6 weeks and 2 months which is where we are now.

While we were traveling we were aging.

So, while  we decided to spend more and more time in Belize, we slowly narrowed the number of places we would visit. Up until a few years ago, we still traveled mainly by bus but over time arranged to be picked up at the Airport and taken to our first visit destination in San Ignacio. In 2014, we took a local plane (Tropic Air) from Belize City to Dangriga on our way to Hopkins Village, our first in-country flight ever.

We used to stay at hotels or cabanas without kitchen facilities, AC, or T.V. We can still do without AC or T.V. but after 14 Belize adventures, most of the places we stay have them both and from time to time we use them. We still stay at places with a small fridge, and a coffee maker, but more and more we want a cabana or hotel room with a full kitchen. Costs more but we save money by eating out less, and we both love cooking especially the local chicken, sausage, and seafood and fish, and the local vegetables and (not cooking) the fruits, papaya, mango, watermelon, pineapple, breadfruit, sour sap…

It’s 2015.  Things have changed and we  have changed with them.

The idea is to get out there, use my blog to help you out, plan your trip, execute your plan and have a great time!


11 responses to “Thinking Adventure? Think Belize!

  • RB

    Great info! You paint a vivid, and accurate, picture of Belize.

  • Dany

    Blogging about Belize is a great idea. You have such a wealth of information to share!

    • briansbelize

      thanks dany. we’re going back in the new year. a week at the aguada in san ignacio, a week at hopkins inn in hopkins village and six weeks on caye caulker at the oasi. any chance we can re-connect? keep up the good fight. the battle’s not over. and thanks again for mentioning my blog. Brian

  • ron smith

    Good evening Brian…. Got a copy of your book from friend Phil Telliz. Spent a fair amount of time in BZ ourselves. Actually have some fodder for your writings. Would appreciate a conversation with you when possible. My wife and I live in Brampton.

  • Marcel Jonker

    Hi Brain, love reading your posts, got your book at your book launch in Waterford, loved it. I wasn’t at the launch but a friend picked it up for me. I’m presently on Caye Caulker staying at Macaw Apartments, just down the road from the Oasi, Email me when you arrive, I would love to meet you and have a chat. I’m originally from Simcoe

    • briansbelize

      Hi Marcel, I know exactly where you are staying. Go past there most every day on the way to the split. We’ll be on Caye Caulker most of March. Will you be there then? I’d like to meet up with you. Glad you like my blog and my book. Keep me posted via email about any developments on cc. Send me some pics if you get the chance. All the best, Brian

    • Zabrina

      Thakns for taking the time to post. It’s lifted the level of debate

  • Marcel Jonker

    I’m here until May 1st, so I’ll see you March. Have a lightning show going on right now, beautiful 🙂

  • The World As Eye See It

    Hi Brian! It’s Jame(s) from the restaurant!

    Blog is wonderful and I need to stop reading because now I want to go to Belize!

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