Belize Update—Direct Flight from T.O. to Belize

Further to my last blog I have more info on West Jet’s direct flight from TO to BZE.

First off, West Jet only offers the direct flight during the high season from Oct.29 to April 19. That’s okay. Most North Americans don’t vacation in the Caribbean in the spring and summer and Europeans and vacationers in other parts of the world may consider flying to Toronto as an option to flying to a city in the U.S. enroute to Belize City.

West Jet is offering three travel packages for your consideration: Econo, Flex and Plus. You can check West Jet on-line but obviously Econo is going to be bare-bones and the least expensive, Flex 1st bag free and medium priced and Plus offering more comfort and convenience and most expensive. When I booked (the day after I heard about all this) one-way ticket prices were 280, 410 and 480 CAD. At 480 for the Plus package I’d be paying about the same, or less, what I’ve paid for the last few years, plus the benefit of a direct flight and much better departure and arrival times.

West Jet flies out of Toronto twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday. Departure time is 9:15 a.m. arriving at the Philip Goldson International Airport just outside Belize City at noon. Less than 5 hours. A one pit-stop flight. That’s so much better than the 6:30 a.m. departure out of Pearson Int’l with arrival in Belize between 2 and 4 p.m. The difference is so huge because when you arrive in whatever city (Newark, Houston, Miami, Georgia etc) in the States you have to wait 2 or more hours before you depart for Belize. See what I mean?

Moreover, if your flight is running late, you run the risk of getting stuck in Belize City overnight which, if you hadn’t planned it, could be tricky. Remember, Belize is a Tropical country where the sun rises around 6 and sets around 6. The local planes don’t fly much after 5, nor do the water-taxies that ply between Belize City and Caye Caulker and San Pedro or the boats in Dangriga that would ferry you to many island destinations off the coast of the Caribbean.

By flying with West Jet, all the above concerns disappear. Arriving at noon and allowing for an hour to clear customs, there isn’t a vacation destination I can think of that you couldn’t reach before sunset.

Check out my blog #5 Belize by Plane ( and #15 Transition Destination: Belize ( and #17 Transition Destination: Dangriga, keeping in mind that direct flights are now available from Toronto to Belize.

But before you do, enjoy a random sample of pics that showcase Belize and its places and people.

Hopkins Village Sunrise

Hopkins Village Sunrise

Breakfast, anywhere $12 bze = 6 usd

Breakfast, anywhere $12 bze = 6 usd

BBQ’ed chicken, delicious everywhere

BBQ’ed chicken, delicious everywhere

Dangriga to Belize City with Tropic Air

Dangriga to Belize City with Tropic Air

Cafe Belize

Enjoy a quick trip to our virtual café

Try some treats on the menu and come back often

click on the link below to take you there

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I have vacationed in Belize for more than 13 years and have come to love this country. I have traveled up and down and all around, and have a lot of information that might help you on your travels. View all posts by briansbelize

2 responses to “Belize Update—Direct Flight from T.O. to Belize

  • Frances Giles

    Dear Brian – I concur with all your West Jet comments. It is fantastic that they’ve started this flight service. I wish they’d pre-advertised, I would have booked our Nov flights with them. But it will work for our late winter flight. Have you made it down to PG yet? Best, Frances

  • briansbelize

    Hi Frances, Yes, we went to PG on our first visit to Bze about 16 years ago. Liked it but didn’t get to know it well enough to write about and doubt if we’ll be going back. If you’ve been there and really like it, let me know and I’ll post your info on my blog.

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