Belize Travel Information

Tips on Trips to Belize to explore the bounty of the country for yourself

In my blog you will find more than just trivial Belize travel information. I’ve tried to assemble through pictures and words a sense of what Belize is really like.

Belize is not a slice of paradise on the Earth, surrounded by pristine jungles. But it is a multitude of nations, cultures, a wondrous selection of historical sites, and languages. Vacationing in Belize may change the course of your life. Come and experience this incredible country!

Best places not to miss in Belize

Great Blue Hole

Great Blue Hole is one of top ten divers’ sites all over the world. It’s the central structure of Lighthouse Reef. The limestone forms its walls, offering the divers cranky patterns. The deeper you dive, the more breathtaking views you get.


Coracol is one of the largest Maya’s sites that remains untouched deep in the wild jungles. It stands 1650 ft above the sea level. The hillside temple Caana “Sky Place” won’t leave you unfazed. It rises 143 ft above the jungle and is the tallest building across the country. Visiting Maya’s sanctuaries is an excellent way to spend holidays in Belize.

Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary

Jaguars rule the country. It’s one of the best places in Belize to catch the glipse of the bizarre wildcats. The sanctuary gives shelter to the Belize endangered species such as ocelots, pumas, tapirs, etc. It spreads over 12 miles. Note, some trails are quite challenging.

Travel tips and tricks for Belize

  • Climate

The climate is tropical, so it’s extremely hot and humid here. The rainy season lasts from May to November, the dry season is from late winter to late spring. Don’t plan holidays in Belize from June to November, it’s a hurricane season.

  • Crime

Though the situation has recently improved but Belize has still a reputation of a gang-violated city. Crime rates are surprisingly low in the popular travel destinations. But still, the risk exists, so keep your eyes wide open.

         . Driving

If you’re going to stay longer than three months, then you need to verify your driving license. Driving during rains and dusk demands masterful driving skills. Exercise extreme caution while traveling.