Belize Update

I’ve never promoted high-end accommodations and I’m not now. But I have witnessed massive changes in Belize over the years, especially on Caye Caulker, my favourite watering hole, and in the Villages of Placencia and Hopkins.

It’s clear that the balance of visitors to Belize is tipping from traveller to tourist. If your inclination is to spend more and cut out the risks of travel, check out You will be very close to the sea with exclusive access to a dock designed for tanning and hanging out and your accommodations will include a shared swimming pool.

On the other hand, if you want to do more than lounge around, check out my In-Land and Caribbean Adventures on the menu, paying special attention to Where To Stay. These are places I’ve stayed or visited where you can enjoy yourself and not break the bank at the same time.

My favourites of all are Luciana’s Oasi (Italian for OASIS) on Caye Caulker, an Island off the coast of Belize and Shalue’s Aguada Hotel in Santa Elena/San Ignacio, a village inland in the rain forest. Each has a fantastic pool, a fantastic staff, a bar/café or a restaurant, and fantastic opportunities to engage in a myriad of adventures on land and sea.


May I Help You?

We are back in the saddle again, looking forward to serving up an appetizer, a main course or a dessert a couple times every month.

Bon Apettit, Brian and Shirley

Cafe Belize

Follow the link to Chez Belize and check out the rest.

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I have vacationed in Belize for more than 13 years and have come to love this country. I have traveled up and down and all around, and have a lot of information that might help you on your travels. View all posts by briansbelize

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